Easy ways to become a minimalist

by | Sep 7, 2019 | LifeStyle | 2 comments

Minimalism, as Joshua Becker from “becomingminimalist.com” says, is: Intentionally trying to live with only the things you need. I know this statement can be daunting for you, as it was for me. But the situation is not as tragic as it looks. A lifestyle based on minimalism can help with your overall happiness.

It doesn’t mean that you should eat with only one spoon every day, sleep just on a mattress, have only one T-shirt, or eating one type of food every day. Even though you can, it doesn’t mean you need or you should. And that is not what minimalism is about.

It is about decluttering your life, feeling free from the consummatory mindset of the society, and focus more on the things that really matter like family and friends, instead of the new phone device that you “have” to buy.

It is true that a lifestyle based on minimalism means to live with the essentials, but that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all your stuff, just the things you haven’t used in ages, and you know you will not use.

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And with that being said let’s get to the main topic, here are my easy ways to become a minimalist:

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Get rid of the clothes you don’t wear.

Let’s be honest, you have some clothing that you are not wearing anymore: underwear, T-shirts, dresses. You may be stopped wearing them because they do not fit you anymore, or they are too “wild” for your current lifestyle, or you just don’t feel like wearing them anymore. Search through your wardrobe and see what you can give to charity, or what you could throw away. It will really help you a lot.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t use(or don’t like).

We all have in our houses things we never use, that nutcracker you have in your drawer for ages, maybe you have 5 backpacks (who needs so many?), a gift box you received but never threw away. It can be as simple as that, if you haven’t used it in a long time, you will not use it soon, just get rid of it.

Organize your belongings.

Now that you got rid of all the things you haven’t used, is time to reorganize the stuff that you still have. This may be boring for some people, but it really is a big step and the last of the decluttering process. Trust me, after you put everything into place, your house will look so free and so spacious. It will give you a sense of responsibility, a boost in your self-esteem, and just a happy feeling overall.

Create a uniform.

This means to dress the same way, every day. This is not a must, but it’s something that I personally like, and successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama did.

They had a uniform, so they would not waste their brain-power on stuff like “What should I wear today?”. You can try it, to see how you feel, but if you enjoy having a complex and fashionable wardrobe can enjoy the benefits of minimalism, even if you don’t have a uniform.

Stop yourself from impulsive shopping.

We all did it, we all did it at some point. You saw something you had absolutely no need for, like some beautiful red heels, a cute dog toy, a cool hat… You know that you have some nice red heels, your dog has a lot of toys, and you don’t even wear hats.

This is how your house got cluttered in the first place, and if you can control this habit, and stop purchasing material things you will not use, you will have more money to spend on quality time with your friends and family, which is the whole point of minimalism.

But what if you really need that thing? Well, if you need it, and you remembered only when you saw it, I suspect you don’t need it that much, but you can run a 10-day test (You wait 10 days to buy that specific object if you still need it after 10 days, then go buy it).

This is it, folks! These are my easy ways of becoming a minimalist. Please keep in mind that we have different personalities, and everyone will find fulfillment in different experiences, so don’t trust me by word, try these yourself, and tell me your experience in the comments! I hope you enjoyed our article about a lifestyle based on minimalism!

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