Simple habits that will help you become organized

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Life can sometimes be an overwhelming situation. You have to be able to multitask, to take care of yourself, your family, have a social life and not lose your mind in the process. And you can do it! How? By implementing some simple habits for organizing.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can improve your lifestyle and become a better organizer. Also, check this out if you want to learn about ways to improve your lifestyle.

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So why is organizing beneficial?

  • You become more punctual.
  • Keep your important documents in order and as a result, you get rid of the fear of losing them.
  • You are prepared.
  • Reduce stress.

Did you know that continuous stress is one of the most harmful things the body does to itself? When you come home late, the last thing you want to do is to clean your house. Combining the stress from the work with the frustration of not having your things in order can affect your overall happiness.

What can you do about it?

Here are some easy ways that can help you become an organized person:

Do one thing at a time.

My main problem was multitasking when I was organizing my stuff. Not only would I do a bad job but the next day it would be messier than before. Let’s say you have a project you need to work on. If you get distracted by your phone, your email, your social media, your environment you won’t be able to finish the most important task. It is necessary to focus on one thing at a time. By doing so, you can do a better job and maybe it won’t be necessary to redo it.

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Make a to-do list.

One way to organize your priorities is to make a list of the most important things you need to finish by the end of the week. You can also use a calendar to schedule them by days. After the work is done, and another box is checked, you can be sure you will feel a sense of joy and relief. Also, make sure to put first the 3 most important tasks you need to finish. It just takes a couple of minutes and it can help you a lot.

Choose a day for organizing.

Let’s be honest here. There will never be a perfect day for something you don’t enjoy doing but these simple habits for organizing can change your life for the better. Just choose a day once a week when you have to clean your workspace, make a list, and organize your priorities. If you don’t have motivation whatsoever try to implement the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. It works like a charm.

Have a system.

In every job that requires a lot of paperwork, it can be really hard to keep up with the new and the old documents. Now I’m not saying you should put them in alphabetical order. You should at least make a selection of what you need to throw away and what you need to keep. This system works not only with paperwork but also with every aspect of your day-to-day life.

Create a routine.

This one is more for you. Having a daily routine can help you reduce your stress levels and create a daily habit that makes you happy. Creating this routine prioritizes self-care and helps you get used to a planning method. There are plenty of routines you can try for yourself, like a morning routine, exercising after waking up, a bath at the end of the day, etc.

Listen to music while cleaning.

What is a better way of fighting the lack of motivation than music? Most of us would probably do anything else than cleaning.

According to a Los Angeles Times article, while listening to music, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which is the key to addiction and motivation. So, if you are fighting your procrastination, try this method while cleaning.

This is it, guys! The change starts with you. Don’t be afraid to take some action. We’re all in this together! I hope you enjoyed our simple habits for organizing!

Here I listed some books to help you in your process: