Easy ways to plan your days!

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Planning your day is not that difficult, and to be honest, is one of the best tricks to be more productive! Therefore, if you want to maximize your productivity, be more organized, or just want not to waste your time, here are some easy ways to plan your days:

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Make a to-do list before going to bed!

To-do list are easy way to plan your day!

Write down the main tasks!

Before falling asleep, just take 5 minutes to think about what you need to accomplish the day before. As a result, you will end up with some task, that you just can’t ignore. Writing it down would give you the feeling of urgency: You don’t write things down, so it means this is important. This habit will help you solve a lot of problems.

Prioritize the task!

Just writing them is not enough. Now you will have to go to the next step. Prioritize the projects you need to do tomorrow! You know that going to the gym is more important than doing the laundry. Therefore you will prioritize going to the gym. Doing this will make everything clearer. As a result, you will know what is most important for you to do the following day.

Bonus tip!

Always do at least 3 projects you write down. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do them all, we are humans, and we sometimes overestimate what we can do. But do at least the 3 most important projects on your list! It will help you a lot!

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Create a routine!

create a routine is a easy way to plan your day!

I know is sounds weird. You can’t create a routine if your daily tasks are changing every day! And you’re right. But I know for a fact that you’ve heard about the 20/80 rule. It says that 80% of the results depend on only 20% of the actions you do. That means, 80% of your total tasks are consist of a few things that you do every day. Going the kids to school, finishing some projects at work, going to the gym, read, call your grandmother.

This is another easy way to plan your day! Creating a routine sure helps with your day to day life, and accomplishing more than before, in the same amount of time. Creating a routine is not that hard. We already have some articles on morning routines, and how to create them so it suits you, and your daily schedule!

Have a daily planner!

daily planner is a easy way to plan you days!

A daily planner is more than a to-do list. You write the tasks, you prioritize them, you write notes about each one individually, and over that, you plan the time when you will do them! It is really helpful, but it can be hard to do. You have to structure it, and it may be frustrating… But it doesn’t have to be! We can give you our self-made Daily Planner for FREE if you subscribe to our newsletter. By doing that, you will get access to even more free tools we use in our day-to-day life!

With a daily planner, you can maximize your productivity, and make sure you don’t lose time on projects which don’t benefit you that much. It is the perfect tool to plan your days with!

So to wrap this up, these are the 3 easy ways to plan your days: Make a to-do list, create a routine and make a daily planner. For maximum productivity, you can combine two or maybe all of them! I would recommend making a routine and having a daily planner. But the best is to see for yourself.

Here are some books that will help you go more in-depth of this subject: