Habits Guide-The Top 5 healthy habits

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Habits are the pillars our life is built on. You may not be aware of it, but 80% of all the actions you do daily are actually habits. I’m sure you heard this term before, and you think that the habits are these great actions that only those who are worthy can do. But it is not like that at all, and even you can create some healthy habits that will change your life.

What are habits?

But first, let’s talk about habits, how they work, and how you can build good ones and break bad ones. Habits are actions that your brain is used to do. I’m sure that you do some of them already, like brushing your teeth in the morning, feed your pet at certain times, and even driving. These actions can take place without you being conscious about it. At the same time, habits will leave you with a certain feeling when you don’t do them. For example, if you don’t brush your teeth in the morning, you will feel dirty all day.

How to build them?

healthy habits building

Building a habit is easier said than done. Scientists say that it takes from 21 to 90 days to build a habit that sticks. Of course, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Similarly, the easier to do it, the easier it is to maintain it. Let’s say you and your friend want to build the habit of going to the gym. You went to the gym in high school too, but your friend never stepped into a gym before. I think is obvious who will build it easier.

How to break a bad one?

breaking a bad habit for a healthy habits

There are two ways you can break a habit. You can either stop doing it or build another one.

Let’s say you want to quit smoking. You can just stop smoking. Although we know that this is hard, and it takes a lot of willpower.

On the other hand, you can analyze why you smoke. Maybe you only do it when you are with your friends who also smoke, maybe you do it when you’re stressed, or you smoke when you’re bored.

The thing is, if you know why you smoke, you have a chance to come with a plan. If you only smoke when you are stressed, do something else instead. Buy some stress relief toys, go to the gym and blow some steam, listen to calm music, or meditate. This way, your brain will think this is a new pattern, and the longer you do it, it will make it a habit, breaking the smoking one.

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My top 5 Healthy Habits

Now we know what habits are, how they work, how to build them, and how to break them. Now let’s see my lift of healthy habits that will change your life.


healthy habits meditation stance

Meditation is a great habit and is easy to build. I’m sure you heard many people talk about it, and you want to do it. We have a whole article covering this topic right here (Start Meditating!). The meditation calms your mind, makes you live more in the present, relief stress and it helps with anxiety. It is a great way to start your day, and the good part is that it only takes 10 minutes a day! So what are you waiting for?


healthy habits reading

If you already built this habit, good for you! If you didn’t, then you should. I was one of those kids who thought books are for losers. But the thing is after I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, my mindset shifts. Mr. Kiyosaki is not writing books about the benefit of reading; he writes about the benefits of having a financial education. And when I learned that I can acquire this type of knowledge by just reading books, a whole new world opened to me, and I’m sure it will open for you too.

Going to the gym

healthy habits going to the gym

You need to keep your body in shape. That is absolute. Maybe you are young and feel fit, maybe you don’t have health problems. Bu this is now, and no one can guarantee that you will feel the same in the future. Even one time per week can make a huge impact on your health! And as an addition to your health benefits, you will see a boost in your confidence, your stress levels will be lower, and you will be more secure. In conclusion, you’ll be a better human being!

Start cooking

healthy habits cooking

This is a fun habit that will benefit you in the long run. First, any adult should know how to cook more than just scrambled eggs. Second, you save a lot of money if you cook your food at home instead of buying it. Third, it’s a sexy skill to have, and if you already have a partner, you can surprise them from time to time with a delicious meal, which trust me, will be a gesture very well received! Fourth, is fun! Just start cooking!

Cold showers

healthy habits cold shower

I know this may be odd, but cold showers have a lot of benefits! It will boost your immune system. Therefore, you will get sick rarely. It will wake you up in the mornings when you feel sloppy. And in my opinion, the most important thing is that you will do something that is uncomfortable. Each time you do that, you will build your willpower. This willpower can break habits that are incredibly difficult, like binge eating. It’s hard at first, but you get used to it the often you do it. We even have an article on “How To Take Cold Showers“.

These are my top 5 healthy habits that will change your life for the better. You will not feel it instantly, but the more you do them, the happier you will be. A last piece of advice for you is to not build them all together because that would be impossible. Tackle them one at the time, wait to see how you feel, and build it until you will feel bad if you don’t do a certain task (that is how you know you built it).

In the end, I want to wish you good luck with your transformation! Take your time and don’t focus on the destination! That is just one part, while the journey is the whole process! Learn to love the process and you will be invincible!