Never forget anything ever again

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If you always find yourself in a situation where you always forget something, either is your keys or your partner’s birthday, here are some tips to never forget stuff ever again!

Forgetting is something we humans do. You are not a robot, and sometimes the rush of the day keeps you too busy. The problem is, we don’t really have the commodity to forget stuff.

Maybe you think you just forgot your wallet, or maybe sometimes it just pops in your head you forgot your cousin’s birthday. Either way, I got you covered with these tips on how to never forget stuff.

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Make a system for essential possession

how to never forget anything

Probably the most common objects you forget are your phone, wallet, and keys. This is because we always have to have them with us. Therefore, you need a system.

My brother always forgets at least one of those things, so he thought “if I always check me for those objects, I will always know if I don’t have them”. And this is what he does. Before leaving the house, work, gym or any other room he stayed for a while, he checks for his phone, wallet, and keys.

Of course, you can do this with any object you frequently forget. I can tell you, it works like a charm. But what about important stuff we rarely use, like a project for school, or some files for work, or your gym card when going to the gym.

Prepare in advance

how to never forget anything

Make sure you prepare everything in advance! The truth is, you forget the stuff you forget because you are always in a rush, and this is not good for you. Take your time to plan and pack ahead.

If you don’t want to forget that project for school, put it in your bag from the night before. Add your gym card to your gym bag so you don’t forget it. And so on.

If you constantly forgetting something because you’re in a rush the day you need those things, just prepare as much as you can when you’re not in a rush!

Make a to-do list

how to never forget anything

But what if you can’t pack in advance? Let’s say you need to remember to add some files on your stick device. Or maybe you need to remember to do laundry.

Well, the solution is pretty simple: sticky notes! Just stick some notes around your house or your office room. But what if you don’t want to? Use a daily planner, like the one we already explained how to use in this article on Easy ways to plan your days. A daily planner is basically a to-do list, but where you can add more notes. Therefore, is a sticky note that you can check and uncheck.

If you want to use your smartphone for this job, well, you can. Write it in your notes and add them to your main screen. It is the same thing. In conclusion. If you don’t want to forget it, write it down.

Note it to your calendar

Forgetting about anniversaries, birthdays, or any kind of a special occasion is the worst. But solving the problem is relatively easy.

A) note important events on your phone calendar. What you like to do is create a reminder for a few days earlier. For example, if I need to remember my brother’s birthday on 20th December, I will create a reminder that would pop up on the 15th. This way I have time to buy him a gift, or maybe think for a surprise.

B) Buy a calendar and write the important dates in there. It is important that you see the calendar every day and is important to build a habit of writing reminders and checking your calendar for them. This is the easiest way to do it, and the most practical one!

This is it, guys! I know this is not the most mind-blowing technique in the world. Quite the opposite! I believe we shouldn’t complicate so much. The easiest ways to do things are the best in my opinion.

Give us your opinion on this list, and why not, write some new techniques you use and we didn’t mention!

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