The Easiest Trick To Make You Achieve Your Goal

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Achieve your goal

We all have different goals. We want to achieve them. Losing weight, becoming active, getting a promotion, starting a blog, writing a book, you name it. But even though you are so fired up to achieve it, you make one mistake that stops you to achieve your goal!

I’ve been there myself. Making a commitment to a certain goal, making a plan, sticking to it and telling everyone about it. Unfortunately, I failed it again and again. And trust me when I tell you I know the frustration!

You know you do everything right, but somewhere along the way something happens and makes you lose motivation. It makes you stumble and stops you from doing the thing you committed to doing.

I like to believe you already know when it comes to this type of thing you are 100% responsible for your results. Therefore, you are responsible for doing this mistake that is killing your results and stops you from achieving your goal.

Talking about your goals is the biggest mistake!

achieve your goal don't talk

The number one mistake you make, when you are doing everything right, is telling people about your goals.

Surprising stuff, isn’t it? I was confused as well when I first heard it. But hear me out, everything will make sense!

Think of it this way. When you tell someone about your target of running a marathon, they would be happy for you and would congratulate you for having this incredible goal.

The thing is, your brain doesn’t know the difference between being congratulated because you made a statement and being congratulated for actually doing what you said you were doing. And in result, you will live a feeling of accomplishment. And THAT is the problem!

Your brain tricks you in making you believe you already walked the walk when you barely talk the talked. As a result, you lose motivation. You will not have the motivation to do something you already did, right?

The theory had been tested!

Peter Gollwitzer ran a test on 163 people who were separated into two groups. Both of them wrote their goals down, but one group actually said their goal to the others, and the other group was asked to remain silent.

Both of the groups were offered 45 minutes and resources to go and try to achieve their goals. The only catch is that they could quit any time they wanted.

The people in the first group who only wrote their goal down worked for the whole 45-minute period without stopping. And in the end, they admitted they still had a long way to go!

But the group with the people who told the others what their goal was, worked for approximately 33 minutes, and believed they made incredible progress even though they weren’t!

This result suggests that when you tell others your target, you are less likely to do the work, and on top of that, you will believe you are progressing when you’re not! And this is why most of us fail.

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How do you protect yourself from that?

So now you know that this may be THE mistakes that stop you from writing that book or having that summer body you always wanted. Don’t let your brain trick you, and blocks you to achieve your goal!

But what happens if someone asks you about your goals and you tell them? Well, the same exact thing. You should never reveal your goals. And if you’re asked, I’m afraid the only thing you can do is to give a vague answer or beat around the question!

Keep the goals to yourself; you don’t have to reveal to the world, not even to those who are closest to you! Write them down, do a plan, execute it, and clap for yourself because you deserve it!

The quote “Work in silence, let your success do the noise” is as true as it can be, and you should take advantage of that!

Let us know if this trick helped you and tell us even more tricks like this who can help us and the others!