About Us

Hi there! We are the creators of LiveToDo! 


First of all, thank you so much for reading our blog and taking part on our journey of becoming better people day-by-day. 

We also love travelling, a lot of coffee and graphic design. That’s why we wanted to combine what we love most and take you into our adventure!

                           WHAT YOU WILL FIND HERE

We blog about Lifestyle, Self-development, Home Decor and even Beauty. We hope to provide you with some useful tips and tricks that will help you improve your lifestyle.

As we love Graphic Design so much we also offer digital prints available for download so you can decorate your home exactly how you wish to!

Also, feel free to contact us in order to collaborate and get to know each other!

Our Story

How We Got Started

We started this journey to better our life a few years ago when we were overwhelmed by our daily lives. It began when we started college… We found out that we didn’t have so much time for ourselves; we didn’t take care of our health; we indulged in fast food and bad habits; we stopped being active, and we just didn’t like our own selves.

We realized that we needed to make a change, and that was the moment we began to build new habits, healthy and productive ones. We thought it would help us share our journey and our experiences with people who may have the same struggles, and it sure would be incredible if our advice would help you solve some of them.